Single & Double Slider Windows

Single and Double Slider Windows

Reasons to Choose Our Slider Windows

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If you are looking to build new construction or renovate your home, you should consider double slider windows in Edmonton. Slider windows are the first choice for both architects and interior designers alike when they want to add for both style and class. You can choose from single or double sliding windows. Both designs will add to the value of your home while helping reduce your energy cost.

Single Slider Windows

Single slider windows are designed to operate smoother than other window designs. They contain a movable sash designed on a double rail pull system which enables the windows screen to tilt easily when opening and closing. The corners are welded, making them strong and durable for any type of weather as well as wear and tear.  This also makes cleaning much easier as well. They have a smooth, sleek design for those who want a polished look for their home.

Double Slider Windows

Double slider windows in Edmonton are perfect for those with patio and decks as they are designed with an insta-lock shoe that allows the window sashes to slide effortlessly along the window’s full length. It allows for easy cleaning as well as airflow for ventilation. Unlike windows that are designed with a roller system, double slider windows open with ease horizontally so they will not causes issues with opening or cranking. They are both classic and stylish and will suit all styles of home as well.


single slider windows calgary

Features of Slider Windows

  • Dual wheel rollers for effortless operation
  • Customer jamb extensions available upon request
  • Internally glazed options with options for dual and triple panes
  • Full 3 ¼ inch frame designed with multiple chambers for superb rigidity and superior support
  • Sloped internal chamber and beveled face (helps with water drainage)
  • Brick mould options available on full 1 ⅜: integral nail flange
  • Dual weather stripping to prevent colliding
  • Superior viewing with equal glass on both sash and frame
  • Recessed and snap in latches to provide a clean contemporary looking window sash
  • Drain cap will prevent debris and moisture buildup

Both our single and double slider windows in Edmonton are designed and manufactured with the highest standard quality materials to sustain energy efficiency. Our double slider windows will not only increase the overall aesthetic of your home, but will make it feel secure and cozy as well. Our vinyl windows are easy to install and require little to no maintenance, other than standard cleaning.

If you are in the market for stylish, durable and energy efficient double slide windows, Windows Doors Mart is the number one manufacturer in the area. If you are unsure of what type of windows to install, our friendly staff will be happy to answer all of your questions.

double slider windows calgary

Energy Performance Rating

Single Slider windows

single slider windows calgary

Double Slider windows

double slider windows calgary

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