Multi-Point Lock System

Simply Close the Door!

As soon as the door pulled shut, the Automatic latch bolts instantly throw 20mm and are secured to prevent them being forced back.

By turning the key or the knob, it will engage the deadbolt and lock the top and bottom llatch bolts to become a 3 deadbolts locking system.

  • 3-point, one piece locking system for 6′ 8″ and 8′ doors
  • Heavy duty mortise construction with reinforced I ever return spring system
  • Locking by US-cylinder with 90° turns of key or thumb-turn
  • No lifting of handle to engage locking points
  • Top and bottom Automatic latch bolts projection from 10 to 20mm:
    •  provide security against forced entry
    •  help prevent air infiltration from the gasket
    •  protect the door panel from warping
  • 1″ (25mm) throw on deadbolt
  • Non handed, latch easily reversible
  • 8mm square spindle
  • 92mm centers (spindle to cylinder)

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Multi-Point Lock with standard Lock Sets or Keyless entry

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