Reasons to Consider Replacing Edmonton Windows

Since windows are among the most important things while renovating the home, it’s crucial to make the most of opportunities you would have. The fact that apart from siding, front lawn and paint, Edmonton windows play an important role in increasing the curb appeal of a home as they are provided with different materials with different glass types.

Glass windows are available in numerous colors and shapes since they were introduced but Industrial Revolution has added sophistication and elegance to their appearance. During the Medieval ages, they were quite expensive due to the presence of transparent shield against the element but from 1960s, they became a status symbol!

Consider the Glass- 1 or 2 Panes

Initially, the windows were made up of single pane that generally frosted up when the weather was cold. Though in 1800s, manufacturers took a step ahead and suggested homeowners to control energy efficiency through closing doors, lighting fires, closing outside shutters and putting on clothes. During that time, fuel was quite cheaper and wood are available everywhere to enable homeowners do something to make sure energy efficiency.

Windows Leak Energy

During 1980s, Canadian consumers realized that the natural gas price was getting higher and Edmonton windows are the biggest reason of their increased spending as they tend to loss heat more frequently. The walls in a home had 12-15 R-value, meaning that the walls were able to resist heat with this ratio.

Combination Windows

R-values are used for measuring the efficiency of Edmonton windows whereas, U-value is needed to analyze the combination of materials to make sure reduced heat loss. They are basically used to rate heat conductivity feature through a suitable combination of materials. For instance, if R-values show the efficiency in resisting heat from flowing through the material, U-values show the opposite results. They tell how much energy will flow.

Enhancing Window Efficiency

  • Triple Pane Windows: Adding panes to Edmonton windows will decrease the U-value that eventually reduced the heat loss through windows.
  • Krypton/Argon Gas: You will find convection between the panes of window system that ensure flow of air. The feature makes sure movement of cool air out from the home and warmth air into the home so as to keep the inhabitants comfortable and relaxed.
  • Window Coatings: Another way to ensure energy efficiency and warmth in the home is by reflective coatings and low-emissivity that are quite thin- even, you can’t see them with the naked eye. These coatings are responsible for reflecting the heat energy back into the home thus, maintain temperature. During hot climate, the reflective material is used in such a way that long radiations are deflected and therefore, prevent the sun rays from overdriving the HVAC system.
  • Solar Gain: Another way to make sure energy efficiency is considering the SHG (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) which calculates the amount of heat that passes through. The goal of consider building designers is to increase the solar heat gains during winter so as to reduce heat cost and resist sun rays during summer to minimize air conditioning cost.

Now that you have knowledge about why to replace windows, it’s time to call Windows Doors Mart to place your order for starting the project.