Benefits of Installing Bay Windows

While working on a home improvement project, one of the most time taking and difficult things is to construct a bow or bay window from scratch. The task needs a lot of expertise as well as knowledge on how to install the windows as the windows will be considered as physical addition and change their weight distribution. It is, therefore, necessary to be sure about what you are selecting and who will be going to work on it because if the windows are not constructed properly or their experts are not good at installation, you might be suffering a huge loss.

So, before focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of bay and bow windows, it is necessary to know what they are.

A bay window consists of 3 to 4 panels that open outward and add beauty to the home. Two sides are used for ventilation and can be fitted with double hung windows or vinyl casement windows. Its central panel is fixed and the window can either work as a walk-in window or has a seat to provide extra storage.

On the other hand, bow windows comprise of 4 to 6 panels that open outside- has bow shape to give a unique look to the home. You cannot install operable windows in a common way, meaning that you can fix in whatever way you want.


When it comes to knowing the advantages of bow or bay windows, Windows Doors Mart suggests homeowners to be sure about the size of windows they have chosen as they are capable of adding extra space to the room. Even in kitchens, they are responsible for adding extra sill space. But there is a negative side of this feature. It will condense the window prone due to the temperature of windows and insufficient air circulation. Since these windows open from the insulated area, you will find them colder, no matter if they are insulated or not. During cold weather, the air inside the bay window will be a few degrees lower as compared to other parts of the home. When the phenomenon is combined with poor circulation, it will result in condensation because cold air cannot hold moisture.

Another advantage of having the bow or bay window is extra viewing space. They are not like traditional living room windows that offer two-dimensional view. They also allow fresh air to come in the home as the bay window can efficiently catch breeze. Its downfall is quite similar to the previous one- its glass gets colder during winter due to which, the inside temperature is quite low as compared to what it would be with regular residential windows. According to Windows Doors Mart, the reason behind is that the glass surface has to bear the outside weather due to which, it gets cooler and cooler as the time passes. Or, it can be said that there is increased heat loss through conduction that may become the reason of increase in energy bills as well.