Bay and Bow Windows


How Bay and Bow Windows Add Style To Your Home

For those homeowners who wish to add dramatic style to their homes, you can easily get that dynamic effect with either bay or bow windows. They are both a fabulous way to bring the outdoors into your home. They are also great for making those small rooms look more spacious. They can be designed to be the main focal point of any room. You can’t make wrong decision in opting for bow or bay windows-they give your home aesthetic appeal and add that outdoor feel to your living space.

Bay and bow windows are designed to create the illusion of extra space in the areas where space is limited. They also let in ample natural lighting while letting you enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors. This is why so many designers and architects opt for bay and bow windows when designing urban homes and businesses.

Bay windows are composed of three windows of which one is fixed and surrounded by two side casement windows while bow windows have equal sized units at the centre flanked by casements on either side.

Bay and bow windows are a great option for new homes, remodels and complete window replacement for any home. Not only do you get added beauty and style for your home, thus increasing the curb appeal, you also get the advantage of classic designs with maintenance free operation.

There are a wide number of options to choose from with bay and bow windows: casement, picture windows, double hung and so forth. We even offer customization to meet the individual needs and specifications of our clients. There are also many different color options, roof and grid styles and glazing effects to add style and flair throughout your home. There are additional features such as seat boards and birch veneers available as well to give your home that homey feel for years to come.

Our goal at Windows Doors Mart is not only to provide windows with style, but also efficiency, comfort security and the best value for your money. Our bay and bow windows are available for our customers within the Edmonton and Alberta areas. We have a unique selection of decorative glass windows offering high performance and style. Our vinyl bay and bow windows can add a distinct look and add style and personality to any home.

Call us or stop by our location to check out our wide selection of bay and bow windows. Our friendly staff will gladly answer any questions you have regarding selection, installation, warranty or even financing options. We can help you choose the best style bow or bay windows for your home.

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Energy Performance Rating

Triple Glazed Argon
3mmClr / Argon90 / 3mm LowE
LOF S#3,5

Overall U-Value: 1.41
SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient): 0.39
Visual Transmittance: 0.40
Energy Rating: 31

Double Glazed Argon
4mmClr/ Argon90 / 3mm LowE

Overall U-Value: 1.60
SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient): 0.45
Visual Transmittance: 0.47
Energy Rating: 31

Triple Glazed Krypton
3mmClr / Krypton90 / 3mm LowE
LOF S#3,5
Overall U-Value: 1.17
SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient): 0.39
Visual Transmittance: 0.40
Energy Rating: 36

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